Sun Produce Cooperative (SPC) is a multi-stakeholder agricultural and marketing organization that includes agricultural producers, distributors, buyers and market specialists.


Its mission is to create viable alternative distribution streams for Arizona’s smaller-scale producers, reduce barriers to market entry, gain economies of scale through its aggregate size, and leverage cooperative branding and marketing and supply purchasing efforts. The co-op model supports its members to combine product volume and variety as well as resources and expertise in order to expand reach into new markets. SPC connects increased consumption of local food for better over-all individual and community health to farm viability and economic development.


The co-op coordinates farmer-member production, aggregation and distribution to increase sales of locally-produced fruits and vegetables. It serves children and families throughout the Valley of the sun through its Farm to School, Farmraiser / Healthy Fundraiser programs and through other partners who want to provide locally grown food to their customers.


For more information on becoming a co-op member, contact sunproducecoop@gmail.com


Farm members include:

  • BAR B Produce
  • Blue Sky Organic Farms
  • Crooked Sky Farms
  • J&J Poms
  • Maya's Farm
  • Pinnacle Farms
  • RhibaFarm
  • Roosevelt Farm

 Partners include:

  • Arizona Department of Agriculture
  • Blue Watermelon
  • Experience Nutrition
  • Farm Express
  • Litchfield Elementary School District
  • Local First Arizona
  • Maricopa County Cooperative Extension
  • Maricopa County Dept. of Public Health
  • Penry Consulting
  • Stern Produce


Board members:

President: Dave Brady, BAR B Produce
Vice-President: Mark Rhine, RhibaFarm
Secretary: Carol Deimer, Maricopa Co. Cooperative Extension
David Vose & Sara Dolan, Blue Sky Organic Farms
Maya Dailey, Maya's Farm
Gail Cochrane, Roosevelt Farm
Richard Starling, AZ Cooperative Initiative & AZ Community Land Trust
Stewart Jacobson, Arizona Department of Agriculture
Rita French, Aramark at Engrained Café / ASU  
Anthony Kamson, Kamson Financial
Kristen Osgood, Stern Produce
Chris George, Third Acre Farm