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Saturday April 14th Week #3

Another week has gone by and we hope you are beginning to realize the benefits of locally grown fruits and vegetables.  We still want to encourage any of you that have created an incredible meal using Farmraiser’s produce to send us a picture and the recipe.  Also, check out our Blog page on the website: .  If you have any friends or family that would like to subscribe to the remaining weeks of this Farmraiser’s Spring Farm Box, it’s not too late.  Tell them to log onto and start enjoying fresh produce grown by local farmers.  This week you can expect:     Produce Item Sun Produce Co-op Farm 1 Salad Mix Maya’s Farm 2 Mint Maya’s Farm...

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Saturday April 7th Week # 2

We hope that you are enjoying your first week of Farmraiser’s produce.  Our farmers have come up with a new set of produce this week.  We will also be including a new recipe for Pickled Chard in this week’s box.  If you take advantage of one or more of our recipes, please take some photos and send them to us.  We will post them on the website and on our Facebook page.  Also, if you put together an awesome dish using the Farmraiser’s produce, we would love it if you would share recipes and photos with us.  This week you can expect:     Produce Item Sun Produce Co-op Farm 1 Spring Garlic Maya’s Farm 2 Chard Maya’s Farm 3...

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Week #1 Breakfast from Jagadish

Attached is the picture that I took Saturday morning. I prepared this breakfast using the product that I got from the Sun Produce. The watermelon slice, tomato and bread are not from you. But remaining all are Sun Produce vegetables. And the taste was amazing! .

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