September 14, 2018

Hello Farm Raiser subscribers and local food lovers!

We branched out from our usual exclusive focus on Valley growers and pulled in produce from growers in Cochise County. This week we are including organic Gala apples and pinto beans grown in Willcox and the surrounding area.

Check out the picture of the delicious looking meal that David Schmidt (Broadmor Elementary PTA Farmraiser subscriber) prepared from last week’s bag.

If YOU have a picture or a recipe that you want to share, please send it in to Also, if you try any of the recipes that we attach please send us an evaluation. If it’s good, we’ll keep recommending it. If it is bad, we’ll drop it.

What’s in this week’s bag? Apples from Briggs and Eggers Orchards, Pinto Beans from Willcox through One Windmill Farm; Red Potatoes, Green Beans, Green Bell Peppers, and Squash from Crooked Sky Farms; Egyptian Spinach and Pea Shoots from RhibaFarms!

Important Note: We sometimes are unable to harvest enough of a produce item to fill all our FarmRaiser orders. We will always provide a substitute and will try our best to indicate the substitution in the table below.



New cooks often find cooking dried pinto beans quite intimidating. They’re hard, wrinkled seeds that generally come in a boring plastic bag grocery store. Don’t let their looks fool you; dried beans are one of the easiest dishes to prepare – especially if you use a slow cook recipe. You just throw in a few tasty flavorings and allow your crock pot to do all the work. At the end of a long day you can enjoy these delicious southwest ranch style beans for dinner.

ROASTED GREEN BEANS WITH PARMESAN AND BASIL…/roasted-green-beans-with-par…/

These roasted green beans with parmesan and basil are crispy, flavorful and probably don’t even require a trip to the store — just open your pantry and fridge!

EGYPTIAN SPINACH AND CHICKPEA STEW…/egyptian-spinach-and-chickpea-stew/

This recipe has fed me (and others) well at the last minute on countless occasions. Like most “peasant” dishes it’s immensely satisfying.

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