August 24, 2018 - Colorful and delicious farm offerings!


There’s lots of color in this week’s Farm Raiser Bags – supporting Cocopah Middle School SUSD PTA with a Friday afternoon delivery, and Broadmor Elementary PTA, Connolly Middle School PTO and Ward Traditional Academy with a Saturday morning delivery.  

From Maya's Farm: Kale, Dandelion greens; Crooked Sky Farms: Potatoes, Okra and Squash; Blue Sky Organic Farms: Red Kale, Green Onions, Carrots; and from RhibaFarms: Eggplant and Radishes!

Did you know, Dandelion Greens are delicious and great for you too! “Compared to spinach, one of our present-day “superfoods,” dandelion leaves have eight times more antioxidants, two times more calcium, three times more Vitamin A, and five times more vitamin K and vitamin E.” (Eating on the Wild Side by Jo Robinson, pg. 23)

For 10 ways to use these amazing greens, please visit:

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